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Welcome to our website, this is the place where I share my photography, goings on of family and my own musing using my blog. I use this space as a playground on the web, and I often change the look and feel or try some new idea for content. I use this space to post photos that I take and even some writings on others peoples photos. There is also a space I use to highlight things that I like or find interesting. If you have any ideas on some cool content, let me know.
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My Photography

When I first started really getting heavy into the photography, I started mostly processing my photos using HDR techniques, however I have slowly backed away from that as my photo skills have improved. I have been mostly a landscape photographer, but have stepped into photographing cars. I have been inspired by Tim Wallace and his photography of cars using flash. I have begun experimenting using flash to capture intimate shots of vehicles and am finding it very rewarding. I have been very timid at shooting people, but since using flash for cars, figured I would play in the people arena. I have been taking shots of the kids and the family, to realize that I have a lot to learn. Take a look at my gallery and let me know what you think.

Latest Photos

I took these photos in Monterey Bay. Shawn and I stayed in a room right on the beach and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We saw whales breaching and a few dolphins. We celebrated my 49th Birthday by going out to dinner and taking a nice drive on 17 mile drive that winds along pebble beach. There are some of the nicest homes / mansions I have ever seen and some gorgeous scenery.
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My World Blog

I use this blog to communicate the goings on in little world. Our hope is that this written word will be used by our family and friends to keep tabs on us as we are going about our lives separated by the many miles. I might post a story about a  photo shoot that I went on or even some random thoughts that pop into my head. You might even see comments about news or world events. I have even posted spiritual thoughts and events as they relate to the Bible. I find this blog therapeutic at times. I even rant and rave about stuff.  Anything could end up in here.
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Photo(s) Of the Month

This is the spot that I use to feature a photo{s) that catches my my attention. As I stroll through the countless galleries that thrive out on the web I will see one that stands out about the rest and I will write about it here. I might write a short review or even write a story about what my mind conjures up when I look at their work. No matter what happens, I feel that others hard work and efforts should be celebrated and mention made.  Enjoy!
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I use this section of the site to shine the spotlight on various things, places, websites or even people. There could even be words about some server rendered, good or bad.  Its possible I could even write about a good restaurant that I have eaten at, or even a movie that we have seen to give a thumbs up or down on.  The sky is the limit, so who knows what might show up in this space. 
Dad's Custom 1958 Chevy Imapla
Dad is in process of restoring this beautiful classic 1958 Impala. The car is going to be a masterpiece once its completed.

He has added some very nice touches that you won't see on most custom impalas. He has added a custom grill with turn signals in side the grill. Most of the trim has been removed and will only have some nice trim down the sides. The Dash is all digital and aluminum, and looks awesome. He as added air bag to the suspension, so you can go to a shot and drop the car to the ground.

Check out the Blog for more pictures.
Turn Signals
With all that chrome, those turn signals might be hard to see.

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The new taillights look so good. Im very excited to get pictures of the car.
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We have a little bling on the car now. I love this new Impala Badge, its so clean and shiny.

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Look at that dash, its thing of beauty. Dad added the billet pieces to the dash for a touch of shinny. I really like the way its looking.

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Batting Her Eyes
Look at those eyes. Those would make any other car jealous.

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Well, I was apparently not done with my design LOL! I was pretty happy with it, but it lacked a little punch. I have totally redone most of the pages. I have added new content sliders to all the links categories and to all the stuff pages. I have combined My world blog, Photo of Month, Dads 1959 Impala and the spotlight blog under one pull down menu. I have also the stuff page as a pull down option and completely separate pages. Having all of the links and stuff content all under one page was huge and was getting a little out of control when editing. I think breaking it all up helped and added a better look and feel as well. I have added icons and and some verbiage about each category.

The website design is now fresh and clean, I have added new graphics and a new look to the photo galley.

I have added a new section to the Links, Articles and Stuff page called Videos & Games. This is basically just a list of the videos that we have, broken down by DVD, Itunes, Blu-ray and Video games. I may even add a section that has what music I have in my Ituens Library.
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Dads Impala is coming along nicely, its getting down to just a few things left. Dad went and looked at wheels, and the Exhaust is ready to be put on. Need to get the windows in and get the interior done, I think thats about it. Then the fun can begin of going to shows and for me taking some good photos of the car

About Us

Shawn and I are just living the simple life, going to work, enjoying home. We love to hear form the kids and enjoying the grandchildren we have and looking forward to the ones we don't have yet.

Photo Gallery

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Links and Information

I have tried to put a lot of links on my site. Links that i use almost every day to read news or something about photography or even the weather. If anyone thinks I need to add a link, please let me know.


I have added my Resume to this site, incase anyone might be interested in seeing what I have been doing with my work life or is anyone is interested in my skills for a job.

Contact Information

You can contact Shawn or Myself by filling out the form on out Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you for any reason. Please let us know if there is something wrong with the site or you want us to add something to the site.