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The Loss of Apples Aperture

When I first started off in my photography adventure, I started using Adobe Lightroom at a friends suggestion. I found it to be clumsy to use, and in an attempt to have a better workflow, I tried Apples Aperture. I found aperture to be far superior in a few ways. First, the way aperture lets you manage your photos is so much easier and usable. Secondly, the ability to use brushes on every type of adjustment is far and away better then LR. Even to this day Apertures adjustment brushes are still better.Continue Reading

The Griddle


Shawn and I love eating at the Griddle.  In fact it is the only restaurant that we have included in our budget.  Rick, (my photo dude) and I even eat there sometimes before photo shoots.  The food is top notch and always delicious.  The decor is some what reminiscent  of a old dinner.  There are beautiful  stained glass lights over all the tables and at the counter.  Shawn and I like eating at the counter and watching all the goings on.   Continue Reading