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I use this blog to communicate the goings on in my world. My hope is that this written word will be used by our family and friends to keep tabs on us as we are going about our lives separated by the many miles. I might post a story about a photo shoot that I went on or even some random thoughts that pop into my head. You might even see comments about news or world events. I have even posted spiritual thoughts and events as they relate to the Bible. I find this blog therapeutic at times. I even rant and rave about stuff. Anything could end up in here.

NSRA Final 2016

Got up around 7 this morning and watched a little tv, waiting on the rest of the family to wake up for breakfast. We finally got around to having waffles and bacon for breakfast. Then Dad, Mom and I went out to the NSRA show for the final day.

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NSRA Day Two 2016

Dad and I got up early a gain and headed out to the NSRA show for the second day. We arrived about 7:20 or so and there were already a lot of cars there and a lot more coming in. We did get a good up front parking spot though.

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NSRA Day one 2016

Dad and I got out to the NSRA show about 7:30 am, there were already a lot of cars parked and a lot more in line to get in.

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Trip to Chandler Oklahoma

Dad and I took a drive out to Chandler Oklahoma, I wanted to see the old Western Auto Store that my Grandpa Used to own.

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Oklahoma only 8 hours away

Dad and I left Tucson and drove to Albuquerque for the night. We found a Days Inn to hold up for the night.

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Pima Air and Space Museum

Had a great time at the Pima Air and Space Museum. I really enjoyed seeing the Aircraft. I finally got to see a B58 Hustler.

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Heading to Tucson

Dad and I got up at 4am and headed out the door by 4:30. We were in LA around 11am and got to Tucson around 6:30 pm

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Oklahoma or Bust

Dad and I are driving the 58 back to Oklahoma to show the car in the NSRA show. Im looking forward to driving the car and seeing family. I really enjoy driving the car, its a really neat feeling

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Jessica, Caleb & Baby Max

The last few days, I have been staying at some friends of my dads, they went on a camping trip, leaving us their house.

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Rhino Play

Dad and I went to the Oklahoma City Zoo today for a little exercise and some photos. I came across this baby Rhino playing in the mud next to its mother

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