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I use this blog to communicate the goings on in my world. My hope is that this written word will be used by our family and friends to keep tabs on us as we are going about our lives separated by the many miles. I might post a story about a photo shoot that I went on or even some random thoughts that pop into my head. You might even see comments about news or world events. I have even posted spiritual thoughts and events as they relate to the Bible. I find this blog therapeutic at times. I even rant and rave about stuff. Anything could end up in here.

NSRA Day Two 2016

Dad and I got up early a gain and headed out to the NSRA show for the second day. We arrived about 7:20 or so and there were already a lot of cars there and a lot more coming in. We did get a good up front parking spot though. We walked around and looked at all the cars, after we got coffee and a donut of corse.

After taking our first round at looking at the cars, we sat down on a bench that has a good view of all the cars coming in. Checking the Doppler, we could see that there was a band of rain coming, and figured we had better figure out where we were going to sit to get out of the rain.

Jessica, Caleb and little boy Max showed up, just as the rain started, so we kind of hurried up and found dad hiding under cover and joined him waiting for the rain to stop. The rain lasted about 10 minutes, and then we were off to look at the cars again. We walked past at food vendor that begged me to come get a corn dog, and a funnel cake before we could consider looking at more cars LOL. We stayed for another couple of hours before leaving the cars behind.

We came home and hung out for a while, before heading to dinner. We decide eat at Jacks BBQ, a little small hole in the wall. Turned out to be some pretty good BBQ. After dinner, we just all hung out at home, playing with max, talking and telling stories. Was a good night.

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God Bless