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I use this blog to communicate the goings on in my world. My hope is that this written word will be used by our family and friends to keep tabs on us as we are going about our lives separated by the many miles. I might post a story about a photo shoot that I went on or even some random thoughts that pop into my head. You might even see comments about news or world events. I have even posted spiritual thoughts and events as they relate to the Bible. I find this blog therapeutic at times. I even rant and rave about stuff. Anything could end up in here.

NSRA Final 2016

Got up around 7 this morning and watched a little tv, waiting on the rest of the family to wake up for breakfast. We finally got around to having waffles and bacon for breakfast. Then Dad, Mom and I went out to the NSRA show for the final day.

The cars show was empty compared to yesterday, hardly anyone out there spectator wise. There were probably only about half the cars as the day before, but some new ones that we had not seen or just missed. We walked around for a bit before heading into the main hall for the awards ceremony. There was a chance that we could have won a prize, but it didn't pan out.

After the cars show, we came home and worked pulled the rotten threshold out of the side garage door at Sharon's house. I think we just might replace it with a concrete step instead of a big 2X8 that was in there, that should keep the wood root from happening again.

We had a wonderful meal, pork, potatoes with green beans and carrots. The weather man cut in, and said that there were servers thunderstorms headed our way with the possibility of tornadoes and baseball sized hail. With all of that, they also called for over 2 inches of rain, so it's going to be a busy night. The parentals are trying to decide where to hide in the house should we actually get a tornado.

I'm hoping I can get a shot of lightning.

More to come as the night progresses.

7:21PM and the rain has begun, and it smells so good. Love that smell.

Lightning started at 7:59 PM going to try and get some shots.

I did was able to capture a few shots with lightning in them, it's difficult shooting between houses and trees however.

The wind started blowing and put and end to my shooting, Oh well maybe more on another day.

Until Next time.