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Bank is a full-featured financial management app that can help you track bank and credit card accounts, keep an eye on your investment portfolio, generate a variety of reports, and help with budgeting and planning.
iBank's interface has a very Mac-like feel: a toolbar sits over two panes, one for sources on the left and one for a transaction register on the right. Unlike the previous version of iBank, transaction editing happens right in the register view, with drop-down tools for categories, splits, and memos, and you can perform calculations when entering amounts. The right pane is also where you look at charts and reports (which update dynamically as you change data, and which you can print easily), and you can also use a visual, "envelope-style" budgeting system here (which lets you set up envelope icons for different budget categories, allowing you to carry money forward or swap between envelopes). Templates make entering repeat transactions easy (as iBank remembers the criteria of past transactions), and "smart accounts" let you set up dynamic, user-defined categories similar to iTunes' smart playlists. iBank also includes a number of really handy extras, like camera integration (so you can snap a pic of a receipt and tie it to a record), good support for MobileMe and iBank's iOS app, and a flexible and robust system for importing data directly from financial institutions (along with support for OFX, QIF, and QFX files).
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Koku is a flexible financial manager that can handle it all. Keep track of your money using Direct Connect to automatically and safely download your transactions as they occur. You can even have your transactions automatically tagged for you, so you never have to lift a finger.
Innovative smart tagging capabilities allow you to assign multiple tags to every transaction, providing a more descriptive and insightful picture of your spending and income.
And no financial manager would be complete without colorful reports that allow you to visualize your spending habits like you've never seen them before.
Direct Connect
Automatically connect to hundreds of banks to safely download your transactions.
Smart Tagging
Add multiple tags to a transaction and take advantage of more insightful spending and income reports. 
Import data from OFX, QFX, OFC, and QIF files directly from your financial institutions. 
Flexible Reporting
Generate colorful, revealing reports on spending and income. 
Quick Search
Locate transactions instantly with built in search capabilities. 
Dashboard Widget
Get an up to date financial picture right from your dashboard whenever you need it. 
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Financial apps are a dime a dozen these days. Im always looking at them to see if they are any good. Listed here are a few of the ones I have tried and or use now.
Mind Mapping
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My Thoughts for Mac

MyThoughts brings you mind mapping the Mac way
Create unique, meaningful, brain-friendly mind maps that comply to the best-practice techniques for effective mind mapping.
MyThoughts for Mac OS X offers colour, shape and images along with flexibility and freedom to produce mind maps that suit any mind mapping project.

MyThoughts for Mac has powerful features, yet the user interface is clean, uncluttered and easy to use.
MyThoughts has been designed and developed from the ground up for Mac OS X and takes full advantage of what makes a Mac such a pleasure to use.
MyThoughts for Mac Version 1.3 is Mac OS X Lion compatible, bringing users Full Screen Mode and Autosave with Versions.
My thoughts for mac was the very first mind mapping software. I enjoy the way you can layout your maps, you can bend lines and make them curve and do interesting things. This app lets you make interesting and pleasing to look at maps. I highly recommend this app.
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The Most Popular Mind Mapping Tool

Millions of people use XMind to clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming and get work organized.

XMind is an open source project, which means it's free to download and free to use forever. XMind Plus/Pro with more professional features are also available.


Clarify Thinking
Confronting information overload and ideas shortage, we are able to clarify thinking for better decision with XMind.
We manage to gather most ideas and structure them in logical structure, then to steer clear of irrelevant information and identify the critical.
And, the relationships, patterns, priorities, and trends will be identified. Then, we can better assess the profit, cost and risk for better decisions, like market strategy and development plan etc.

Individual Brainstorming
With XMind, you can start the individual brainstorming session easily and quickly.
Displaying the central topic and building a stress-free scene, here, you can take all attention on recording the inspiration and sparkles in your mind. Then, you’ll find the solution is hidden within them. More important, we can discover it by evaluating, organizing and connecting the ideas.


Works with Office/PDF
How to make colleagues access our mind map if they don't have XMind? With some simple operations, we can export our mind map into about 10 universal formats by the export functionality.
By this way, your team can collaborate seamlessly. We support exporting to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel (NEW), PDF, RTF, Plain Text, HTML, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, SVG (NEW), Freemind, Mindjet MindManager.
Also support importing from Freemind and Mindjet MindManager.

This is one of the best mmd mapping tools out there and its free, thats right free. This has been my main go to for brain storming as of late. I recommend this application.
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I love mind maps, just doing a brain dump and spitting out whatever the brain comes up with is just fun. There are so many mind mapping apps that have some out in recent years, this is a list of a few that I use.
Note Taking
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Outline for Mac

Outline UI is simple and convenient.
Toolbar is located at the top of Outline window, right where you are used to find it.
EC360AB8-AF30-4341-8797-12FABA56B8B2Untitled picture
On the left there is navigation tree that allows you to view your notebooks and manage them in a few clicks.
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As you might imagine from its name, NoteBook is great for taking notes .If you’re in a meeting or lecture, NoteBook’s voice annotation feature guarantees you’ll never miss a detail. Click the speaker icon next to any note to start playback from the point in the recording you began taking that note. Or send your voice annotations to your iTunes music library and from there to your iPod or iPhone, to review the recording while in the car, jogging, wherever is convenient.
Words aren’t always enough to capture an idea, so NoteBook lets you add diagrams, flow charts and sketches to any page. Build your diagrams using NoteBook’s pre-built collection of shapes and line styles, or use your mouse or tablet stylus to sketch. If you’re using a tablet, NoteBook varies the line thickness based on the pressure you apply to the stylus. It can even convert your tablet writing to text, using OS X’s InkWell technology.
You can even take notes right on top of your PDF class notes or lecture slides. When you drop the PDF on your Notebook and choose the annotate option, NoteBook adds each PDF page as a separate page in the Notebook. From there you can add text notes, create diagrams, circle important points, and generate a new PDF that includes all of your mark-up. Your PDF and mark-up stay organized within your school notebook.
If part of your note-taking involves research, with NoteBook you can easily “clip” selections from web pages and other apps straight into your Notebooks, without leaving the app you’re working in. 
Just configure one or more pages for clipping, and then start researching, reading your mail, or whatever. When you see something related to your research, select it and clip it to store it in that page. If you clip from a web page, NoteBook saves the URL with the clipping, so that you can easily return to that page at any time. Then review, edit and annotate your clippings when you’re ready to work with your research.
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Growly Notes

Organize your information
Growly Notes lets you capture everything you’re interested in, all in one place. Organize research projects, trips, to-do lists, or journals. Scrapbook your images, web links, and video clips. Your imagination is the only limitation.
Pages can contain almost anything: formatted text, images, movies, audio clips, PDF files, tables, lists, web and file links, and drawings you create in Notes. There are no rules for where things have to go: put an image beside text or under it. Draw shapes on top of other notes. Put two snippets of text right next to each other. Click anywhere and start typing. It’s really that simple.
Notebooks are organized into sections (the larger tabs on the left in the image above), each of which contains as many pages as you like. All the open notebooks are shown in one window, for easy navigation and quick jumps.
Appearances are (almost) everything
With Notes you can change the appearance of everything on the page, from the color and font of text to the background color of the page and whether it has rule lines -- even put a picture behind all the notes like a watermark.
But you can also change the look of the Notes program itself! We prefer the colorful tabs shown above, but if you find them distracting you can change the tab colors, remove the tab colors, or just give up on the tabs altogether and use a traditional Mac interface:
I really liked Growly Notes, but 3 times I have opened the application only to find that all my data was gone. That was unacceptable so I decide to not use this anymore.
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Stay Organized
Not like traditional notebooks, NoteSpirit organizes your notes into two-level hierarchies with colored libraries and folders. Tags are also applied.
NoteSpirit remembers your recent behaviors and allows you to continue with whatever exciting thoughts you are just engaged in.

Manage Your To-Do Items
By organizing your To-Do items with a GTD®-like scheme, NoteSpirit provides a convenient way to manage your daily tasks.
To-Do items within same notes are grouped into projects. You'll never miss a single among all tasks in a note.

Store Anything You Want
You can create rich text notes embedded with todos, web pages, photos, audio/video clips, PDF documents and etc..
All you need to do is just dragging and dropping anything you want to your notes.
You can get anything out of NoteSpirit you put into it. No lock-in, export at any time.
I really like this app, its organization is very cool. The only problem I have seen is that there is now way to password protect your sensitive information. This alone caused me to not use this app. I have emailed the support team and they said they are working on it, but that has been over a year and that is unacceptable to me. I will not use this app anymore.
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Caboodle Express

Everyone comes across information that they want to refer to later. Maybe gifts you've received or sent, product serial numbers, recipes, directions to someone's house, a photo of your pet, or anything else. Dejal Caboodle is a tool to help store and organize such varied bits of information.
Structured and Free-form, Together At Last
Some kinds of information are best stored in an organized structure, like a phone book. You want a label and a short value, and don't care about text formatting and such: you just want the information.
On the other hand, sometimes you'd like to write a paragraph or two about something, or include pictures, web links, lists, tables, PDFs, and more.
Why compromise? Caboodle gives you both, with no learning curve!
Your Bag of Tricks
Caboodle provides a single place to store, organize, and find those little pieces of information that you might have previously stored in Stickies or obscurely-named text files strewn over your desktop.

Every Caboodle entry has an icon and subject. The icon can be altered for each entry, if desired, to make them even easier to identify. The subject is the name of the entry, displayed in the entries list. The entry is automatically saved when you switch to another one (or quit), or can be manually saved as desired.
The entries list is a standard outline, making it simple to see as many or as few entries as desired. You can select one or more entries and drag them to reorder them, or to move them up or down the hierarchy, and expand or collapse the entries.
You can also type in the search field to quickly locate entries: the entries list changes to show only the matching ones, with the match words highlighted in each entry.

One Big Happy Family: Sibling and Child Entries
Caboodle uses an intuitive inheritance design. When you create an entry, it inherits the icon and custom fields of its parent. You can choose to create a "sibling" entry, at the same level as an already selected one, or a "child" entry, within the selected one. This allows quickly creating content in an organized fashion, without precluding you from changing the icon and custom fields any time you like.
Yes, that's right: there is no "folder" concept in Caboodle. Every entry can contain other entries, so you can treat any entry as a folder-like container, and add child entries when needed. The parent entry could just have a subject, to treat it like a primitive folder, or it could contain a summary of the contents, general information, or whatever you like.
I recommend this app for not taking and organization. It supports password protection for sensitive information and works very well. Im still looking for that perfect one note replacement, unfortunately this is still not it. But of all the ones I have tried, this one is the best so far.
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Notes and more notes. I separated this from productivity, because I am a fan of trying new note software, I am always looking and trying out new apps when they come out. Still looking for the perfect one to replace them all.
Photography Software
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Aperture 3

The fun begins even before you finish importing your photos. Double-click thumbnails in the Import window to view images, play videos, and hear audio files before they’re fully imported. If you’re on a deadline, you can begin adjusting an image even if it’s still being copied from your memory card to your Mac.
While the files are importing, Aperture 3 grabs data like shutter speed, aperture, lens, and focus points and starts sorting it right away. You can even add your own keywords and automatically apply an adjustment preset on import.
For extra flexibility, Aperture lets you store your images wherever and however you like — directly in Aperture 3, on external drives, or in their original folders. Choose to import RAW and JPEG images together or as separate images so you can work with them individually. The photos you import can also be added to your Photo Stream in iCloud.* And Aperture 3 can automatically back up your master images to a second drive during import.
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Perfect Photo Suite 8
Create extraordinary images, inspire your creativity, and solve the most common photo problems with Perfect Photo Suite 8 — a complete photo editor designed to make your images look their best. Work the way you want and perform editing tasks that are too time-consuming in Adobe® Photoshop®, or impossible to do alone in Lightroom®, Photoshop Elements, or Apple® Aperture®. You'll have all that you need to enhance, retouch and stylize images, replace backgrounds, and create high quality enlargements.
Get 8 powerful products all in one solution to add the best effects, retouch portraits, replace boring backgrounds, pop in color, detail & clarity and create high quality enlargements. Available in 3 Editions: Premium, Standard, and for Lightroom & Aperture.


Bring out the “WOW” in your photos with the transformative power of Perfect Effects 8. Easy-to-use and versatile tools let you stylize your images instantly or take complete creative control as you add subtle to striking enhancements to your image, bring your photographic vision to life, or immerse yourself in freeform creativity.

Instantly transform photos with built-in presets
Create any look you want with adjustable filters
Stack and blend filters to create unique looks
Apply effects exactly where you want with simple brush strokes and masking tools
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Nik Software

Advanced editing, simplified

Easily create the photos you’ve imagined with six powerful plug-ins for Photoshop®, Lightroom®, or Aperture®.

Make precise edits quickly

Use U Point® technology to selectively edit just the parts of your photos that need touching up without losing time on complex masks and selections.

Analog Efex Pro
Explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses.

Color Efex Pro
A comprehensive set of filters for color correction, retouching, and creative effects.

Silver Efex Pro
Master the art of black-and-white photography with darkroom-inspired controls.

Selectively adjust the color and tonality of your images without complicated masks or selections.

HDR Efex Pro
From natural to artistic, explore the full potential of HDR photography.

Sharpener Pro
Bring out hidden details consistently with the professional's choice for image sharpening.

Improve your images with noise reduction tailored to your camera.
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Topaz Labs

We give you the most advanced technology available. Our software delivers results that other products can't.

Use our software in any part of your workflow without requiring Internet access. Plugs into existing products.

Free product upgrades for life, unlimited refunds, lifetime support, and more. We want you to be thrilled with our products.

Topaz Adjust
Magical contrast, detail, and color adjustments to make your photos pop.

Topaz ReStyle
Expand your creativity with over a thousand high-quality photographic effects.

Topaz Clarity
Create powerful photos by intelligently and naturally enhancing contrast.

Topaz ReMask
The easiest and most intuitive way to mask and extract a subject from your photo.
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HDRsoft's Photomatix Pro

If you have ever photographed a high contrast scene, you know that even the best exposure will typically have blown out highlights and flat shadows. The solution is High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography processing:›Take multiple photographs at varying exposure levels›Merge the photos into an HDR image that reveals highlight and shadow details›Adjust the settings to get the look you want: from natural-looking with Exposure Fusion to painterly or surreal with Tone Mapping
Photomatix Pro and Photomatix Essentials are stand-alone programs running on Windows and Mac OS X.A free Lightroom Plug-in makes it possible to access Photomatix Pro directly from Lightroom, if desired. Some of the features of Photomatix are also available as a Filter Plug-in of Photoshop CS2 or higher and an Edit Plug-in of Aperture 2 or higher.

Benefits for professional photographers:›
Saving on lighting equipment 
No need to acquire expensive lighting equipment -and carry it- when you shoot high contrast scenes. Just enable the Auto Exposure Bracketing feature of your camera, and let Photomatix merge your photos into an image with extended dynamic range.›
Great pictures on cloudy days Shadowless hazy sunlight or an overcast sky usually results in dull-looking photographs. The tone mapping tool of Photomatix can turn them into great-looking images. Check out this image as an example.›
Saving time in post-processing 
Photomatix Pro is designed for productivity -- automatic blending, unlimited stacking, easy comparison of results and batch processing save hours of masking and layers work in image editing programs.›
Well exposed panoramas
 A panoramic scene is almost always a high contrast scene -- you can't limit your view to areas with the same brightness when shooting a 360° panorama. By taking views under several exposures and processing them in Photomatix Pro, you can create a panorama that will show details in both the dark and bright areas of the scene. Photomatix Pro offers both exposure fusion (also known as exposure blending) and HDR tone mapping.
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Photography software that I use to help edit and manage the many photos that I take each year. There is always something new and fun out there to play around with
Productivity Software
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OmniFocus is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and ideas to store, manage, and help you process them into actionable to-do items. Perfect for many different systems, OmniFocus helps you work smarter by giving you powerful tools to stay on top of all the things you need to do. From ‘Call mom’ to ‘Submit Annual Report to Investors’.
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Delicious Library 3

Catalog, browse, and share all your books, movies, music, video games, gadgets, and even clothes - rediscover your own home library. “You've never had so much fun with software... it's just so cool! And it just might buy you some time for more important things.” –David Pogue “The best of the home inventory managers I tested.” -Farhad Manjoo, New York Times Just hold the barcode of any of these items up to your Mac's iSight and Delicious Library does the rest. The barcode is scanned and within seconds the item’s cover appears on your digital shelves filled with tons of in-depth information for items from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, and Germany. Publish your collection to the web with one click, and simply drag an item onto on of your contacts from Address Book to loan an item out and NOT forget who has it.
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iPhoto for Mac lets you do more than you ever thought possible with your photos. It gives you easy ways to find, sort, and rediscover your favorites. Simple but powerful editing tools let you turn good shots into magnificent ones. And you can share your photos in all kinds of great ways, including fun slideshows, Facebook, and Twitter — even professional-quality prints, photo books, cards, and calendars. iPhoto isn’t just a collection of pictures. It’s a collection of possibilities.
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The new GarageBand is a whole music creation studio right inside your Mac — complete with keyboard, synths, orchestral and percussion instruments, presets for guitar and voice, an entirely redesigned sound library, and virtual session drummers. A beautiful and intuitive interface makes it easy to learn, play, record, and create great‑sounding songs. And you can share your hits worldwide with just a few clicks. It’s never been easier to make music like a pro. Even if you’ve never played a note.
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With an all‑new design, iMovie for Mac lets you enjoy your videos like never before. Browse your clips more easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create beautiful HD movies and Hollywood‑style trailers. And when you’re ready to premiere on all your devices, iMovie Theater rolls out the red carpet.
It’s never been easier to make it in the movies. Just choose the clips you want to use. Insert titles, add effects, and create a full soundtrack with powerful tools that are as easy as drag and drop. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap.
You have hundreds of videos. And one big dream to make it in the movies. iMovie takes care of the editing and lets you quickly create fun trailers from all that footage — and make it look like something straight out of Hollywood.
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Pages for Mac is a powerful word processor that gives you everything you need to create documents that look beautiful. And read beautifully. It lets you work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And even work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Word.

Express yourself both verbally and visually. But always artistically. Choose fonts, styles, and character and line spacing. Drop in a photo. Then resize it, rotate it, and remove the background. Maybe even add an interactive chart. Pages is a full‑featured word processor that helps you turn every document into a must‑read.

From the word go, Pages places you in the perfect writing environment. It’s been completely redesigned to put all the right tools in all the right places. Which makes it second nature to choose a look and customize the fonts, styles, and graphics. Since Pages is engineered for the 64‑bit power of OS X Mavericks, everything happens at the speed of thought, too.
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With Numbers for Mac, sophisticated spreadsheets are just the start. The whole sheet is your canvas. Just add dramatic interactive charts, tables, and images that paint a revealing picture of your data. You can work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Excel.

A spreadsheet doesn’t have to look like a ledger. That’s why Numbers starts you off with a blank canvas instead of an endless grid. You can choose fonts and style cell borders. Or add, resize, and apply styles to tables. And move everything around your canvas at will. Next thing you know, you’ve turned budgeting into an art form.

Starting with Numbers is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are prebuilt templates for all your most common tasks. Coaching tips that pop up right when you need them. And a redesigned interface that simplifies the equation of finding the tools you want. Underneath it all, there’s an advanced calculation engine that makes full use of the 64‑bit power of OS X Mavericks. So nothing will slow you down once you get going.
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Keynote for Mac makes it simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations. Powerful tools and dazzling effects bring your ideas to life. You can work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft PowerPoint.

Picture a dazzling presentation. Then make it happen with easy‑to‑use visual tools. Drop in photos or video. Add reflections and picture frames. Punch up your data with interactive charts. Tie it all together with cinema‑quality transitions. And preview all the action live, right on your canvas. Keynote is built to handle it. Spectacularly.

Right from the beginning, Keynote sets the stage for a compelling presentation. It’s completely redesigned with a clean, intuitive interface that puts all the tools you need front and center. And it’s built to harness the 64‑bit performance of OS X Mavericks. So everything runs smoothly — no matter how big or graphically rich.
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Organize contacts, track projects, plan events, and manage things – all in one easy to use iPhone personal database! Bento for iPhone is one of the top iPhone apps and the most popular personal database for iPhone. Use it standalone or synchronize with Bento 4 for Mac, sold separately at TOP USES: Use Bento for iPhone to organize contacts, track projects, plan events and manage things – the fast, fun and easy way! Bento for iPhone helps you do all this and more: • Organize contacts and customers • Track projects and task lists • Plan events and meetings • Manage things and much more TOP FEATURES:  • Comes with 25 ready-to-use database templates that can be easily customized for whatever you need to organize. • Supports a variety of field types so you can store text, numbers, dates, times, durations, locations, pictures, sounds, video clips, voice memos, pop-up choices, check boxes, prices, rates, addresses, phone numbers, ratings, web sites, email addresses, instant messaging accounts, and more.  • Includes iTunes-style searching and instant sorting to help you find things fast.  • Integrates with other iPhone apps so you can simply tap on a Bento field to call a contact, view a web site, send an email or display a map.  • Use as a standalone app or synchronize with Bento 4 for Mac, sold separately at 
This had been discontinued, and I am very disappointed since the replacement is filemaker and it cost over 300 bucks. File maker does not have the same feature sets that Bento has and for someone who does not need a full blown database, this sure leaves a hole for the consumer and I for one think this was a big mistake.
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Things is a beautifully focused and amazingly intuitive task manager. Other todo applications either oversimplify or are too difficult to use. Things instead offers the perfect balance between ease of use and powerful features. 
Effortlessly manage to-dos, notes, due dates, and projects with Things' easy-to-use features: • Focus on what's important: Smart task lists let you conveniently track today's work, what's next, upcoming tasks, and your ideas for the future. • Have it your way: Use Tags to assign contexts, priorities, time – whatever fits your personal workflow. Quickly find exactly those tasks that have the most benefit now. • Keep organized: Projects and Areas of Responsibility let you master complex tasks and stay on top of your responsibilities in life and work. • Out of your head – into Things: Enter new ideas the moment they hit you. Things' Quick Entry window lets you add new tasks without interrupting your work. And thanks to the amazing Autofill feature, the Quick Entry window can be automatically pre-filled with the currently selected text, along with a link to the email you are reading, the webpage you are currently viewing, or the document you are editing. (Works with most applications.) • Your tasks on the go: You can sync your to-dos wirelessly with the iPhone and iPad versions of Things using Wi-Fi (sold separately). • And much, much more: Create repeating tasks, add due dates, schedule tasks for a later date, sync with iCal, review completed tasks in the Logbook, create lists for your teammates.
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Every one has to be productive, or at least one should anyway. This is a list of the software that I use or have used to help keep things organized, or help me to get work done
Web Design
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Say Hello to RapidWeaver 5
RapidWeaver makes it ridiculously easy to create stunning websites on your Mac. Whether you’re building your very first website or your fiftieth, RapidWeaver provides you with the know-how to quickly publish websites to be proud of.
No matter what you want to build - be it stunning online photo-slideshows straight from your iPhoto library, a company website or your own blog - RapidWeaver lets you do it with a minimum of fuss.

RapidWeaver’s graphical interface allows you to create a website without knowing and HTML, CSS or Javascript.
Code-Free Creation
RapidWeaver comes with 11 built-in page types - from blogs to sitemaps, photo albums to contact forms - so you can start work on every page in your site from the get-go. All without needing to know a line of code.
Simply choose the pages you need for your project, select a theme - customising it using the included variations - and add your content. That’s all there is to it!

RapidWeaver ships with 47 beautiful themes.
Delicious Designs
Building a gorgeous site is simple with RapidWeaver thanks to more than 45 included themes - including six all-new themes for RapidWeaver 5 from world-renowned designers.
Changing the look and feel of your site is just a click away: you can change the theme as often as you like, and each theme offers easy customisation within RapidWeaver.

RapidWeaver can publish your site to FTP/SFTP and MobileMe servers as well as locally.
Publishing Perfection
Once your RapidWeaver site is ready to go live it’s ridiculously simple to get it online. With built-in support for FTP & SFTP uploads (used by almost every webhost around) you’ll be able to publish your site for the world to see in absolutely no time.
If you’ve already got webhosting, then your site can be online in a matter of minutes - but if you need some hosting for your RapidWeaver website our friends at Little Oak can help you there.
Rapidweaver is both easy to use and can also be very advanced it upgraded with stacks and new themes. This is my main website design application and I would recommend it to anyone.
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Sandvox Website Creator

Sandvox 2 empowers anybody, even non-experts, to create a website with contemporary looks and features, in minutes. Only Sandvox — winner of an Apple Design Award — features a user experience that lets you combine and spotlight your own drag-and-drop content while automatically creating a modern, feature-rich, standards-compliant website as you go. See your website come alive before your eyes! When ready, just upload your site to your favorite host directly from within Sandvox. It’s that easy.
TOP FEATURES  • Express yourself by choosing from among dozens of stylish site designs • Over 20 different, customizable content objects help you build the site of your dreams • Easily add text, images, or movies  • Super easy blogging, with built-in archiving • Instantly add connections to Facebook, Twitter and more • Showcase your images with Photo Grids and lightbox-style Galleries  • Syndicate your blog or podcast and offer easy-to-grab RSS feeds  • Incorporate content from other websites such as weather and news headlines  • Show selected products from • Feature YouTube videos • Include a Contact Form for feedback • Automatically generate a sitemap • Comment support via Disqus, IntenseDebate and Facebook Comments  • Insert custom features with Raw HTML
This is a really good web design tool for straightforward easy to configure sites.
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I love messing around with my website, I have used many products over the years to create and edit my site, this is a list of the current products that I use.